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Why need the 5 Minute Typing test?

Nowadays, Typing is like an art and an essential skill. All data of any office are stored in the cloud through an electronic device. Typing is the primary method of inputting and storing data. Therefore, we can not ignore typing skills. So, we have to be familiar with the typing method and be comfortable in this job. This is the reason we need typing knowledge and practice. We are here for helping you for free to achieve this skill. On this page, you can test your speed when you are typing for five minutes. This five minutes, English Typing test tool will show your actual condition. What are your speed and accuracy? We have already made one-minute, two minutes, and 10-minute durational web-based tools. You can participate in that tools but here only for 5-minute typing test.

If you are moderate to type in English, then it’s suitable for you. Because it takes 300 seconds to tell your accuracy ad speed. If you use one-minute and two-minute tools, it shows your result very quickly compared to these 5 Minute typing test.

Words Per Minute(WPM)

You can see your result as WPM. It means your typing speed is some number of words per minute. It is important for your skill but in relative measurement. Your WPM is high means you are good in speed but also required accuracy. Without good accuracy, you are not good at typing. Always try to achieve a good accuracy rate. Always try to keep 28 to 30 WPM and above 95% accuracy rate. It is an ideal and average skill of a normal type master. If you face any organizational jobs of typing, they will test you a minimum of five minutes durational test. So. this tool is suitable for a learner who got the basic idea and learns 10 fingerings on the keyboard.

How to appear in this 5 min English Type test?

Before appearing in this 5 Minutes typing practice, you should give attention to the following points.

  • You have the basic idea and practiced typing on a keyboard.
  • A clear idea of finger positioning.
  • You have taken a lesson on typing or have experience of typing on your work.
  • Having keyboard in good condition.
  • Proper sitting on Keyboard and Monitor.
  • Comfortable sit and enough time to give attention on this job.

Hope you have managed all the things. If you need a free lesson, then you can continue with our 30 days Free Lessons.No registration or fees are required to get this course. We made it for free to help people to be comfortable in the digital era.

Besides this 5-minute typing test, you can learn about the 10 keys we recommend using the KeyBoard remembering Method.
5 Minutes English typing test
Our objective is to provide a quality platform to all learners who want to be Type Master. And those who dream of a bright career with this skill. it is one of the important web-based tools which provides

  1. More than 2000 words.
  2. Our program picks words radically and on matching from the previous test if a candidate takes part more than once.
  3. You can practice and participate as much as you wish. No limitation to practicing because it is totally free of cost.
  4. We change words every month because some typer attempts many times.
  5. It shows good analytical results where you will get the typing speed, accuracy rate, and the total number of characters you typed. Because words per minute (WPM) are not important if the words are short in length.

Please follow the following pages, where you will get excellent informative tutorials and tools to improve your skill typing.

We hope that you are getting helped by this Free Online typing Website. Also hope, your knowledge, and skill will bring you a bright future.

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