Two Minutes Typing Test for Smartphone User

Now, you can practice type on the smartphone by the connecting Keyboard to an android device. We have talked about it how to connect the keyboard on mobile? And also prepared this tool for typing tests for two minutes. You can determine your WPM and accuracy quickly. In our experience, some tools are not working on the mobile device, and some are working but have seen some issues for low mobile screen resolution. The problem has gone, and now you can increase this art-like skill comfortably. If you have a desktop or notebook, then start practicing on the following task typing words.

2 Minutes Test of Typing




% Accuracy

Click on the area below to start the game.

We have other tools on different levels. As per your skill and wish, you can also test them from the following links. We recommend using specific typing software like web-based toll mobile devices and desktops to give the best experience.

Typing Test on PC Keyboard Connected Mobile
10 minutes typing one Minutes test
Five Minutes Task Two Minutes(You are here)
2 minutes typing Five Minutes
1-minute task Ten Minutes Touch Type

Can we kind on Mobile like PC or Notebook?

When you take admission to an institution, they provide you with a Desktop for practicing. You can self-learn this skill from home if you have Personal Computer or Notebook. When you don’t have any of the devices, then you can use these tricks. It can give you the experience of type like PC, but it only has the screen size limitation. If you are using the touch method, then this limitation is valueless. Because you will type by looking on the paper where the task has been given, don’t worry; start practicing and increasing your speed and accuracy in a two minutes typing test on Android Devices like smartphones and tablets.
How to type Mobile Device

What contains available in Two Minutes Typing Words for Mobile

  1. In this task, a considerable number of small phrases and sentences are included in the database.
  2. These words and phrases will appear in random orders.
  3. After performing two minutes of typing on a mobile device, it will analyze your speed and accuracy.
  4. You can participate in type words tasks unlimited times because it is free and has an extensive database of lessons.
  5. It is accessible and even not required to sign up.
  6. It is a web-based tool, so you don’t need to install any software on your device.

English Typing test in 2 minutes on mobile device

Next Step after completing this typing words

If you are good at these words, you can go for the five minutes typing and then ten minutes tasks. One thing more which we want to tell you that the We have a free 30-day type lesson. If you are not familiar with how to type fast and accurately? Or you don’t have any idea on touch-types method or proper finger positing then our course will help you very much. In this free type course, you will get-

  1. the Various method.
  2. Day by day, 30 days clear lesson.
  3. Ten key input tricks.
  4. Keyboard memorizing tactics.
  5. Proper touch typing method.

We hope that this online English typing tool helped you very much and will also help with the following tasks.

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