Keyboards Tips & Tricks and Lots of Magical Fun

The keyboard is one of the primary input devices of the computer. If you can handle it properly, you are a master—otherwise,  a struggler. We provided a free typing lesson on 30 days study plan. But here, we will tell you some of the essential facts of developing keyboards, modifying history, and different types of keyboards. Also going to say to you some magic tricks that you may not know and your friends. ◙ How invent keyboards  ◙ Changes of Keyboard ◙ Modern types of Keyboard ◙ How to connect Keyboard to smartphone ◙ Imoji type with Computer Keyboard

The unknown skills on computer keyboards

  • Do you know which is the first keyboards and who invented that?
  • Why keys are not arranged in ascending order like a dictionary?
  • Can you write Love sing by Keyboard like ❤?
  • How to type the power sign of a number like 5²?
  • How to delete a file without a confirmation window?
  • Can you type a letter without touching the key like ‘l’, ”m’?

Learn these amazing things related to keyboards and computers.

  • ASCII Codes and Uses
  • Connect the keyboard to Smartphone And lots of other things are discussed which are only a few people know. Don’t miss the keyboard section of our website. In different sections we provided-

    Unlimited Speed Typing Test

    Unlimited opportunities of typing speed and accuracy test provided. A learner can practice and rush his skill. We made this section differently for mobile and desktop devices.

    Four Weeks lessons on type technique

    In the typing Lesson section, we have provided a free and excellent quality course. It has been designed for 30 days and equivalent practice sets. You can take this course without any fees, registration, or software installation. Here, we will teach you the most effective way of typing and scientific tactics. Each day we are providing study materials, exercises, and brief concepts on the teaching topic.

    Why should we know about Keyboards?

    Currently, we are in the digital era, and everything is online. And the primary device of input data is the Keyboard. If you face any interview related to typing job or any other related to IT, you must know some information on it. Interviews may ask you questions on this. Without answering, you can not impress them.
    Free online typing test in English

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