Connect Full Keyboard to Mobile or Tablet

There are many types of learner who does not have a PC or Laptop. Either they have to go to a coaching institution or the nearest cyber cafe for these jobs and save to pay a reasonable amount. But, do you know that you can connect a full keyboard to an Android Device and type quickly. Today we are going to tell you the ways of connecting key Boards on Andriod smartphones and tablets.
There are several ways you can use a full desktop keyboard, and we will tell you in this article.

Connect Android Phone and Keyboard via OTG and USB

Firstly, confirm that your smartphone is a cable with a USB. To check, you can download an android app that will tell you whether it is capable or not.

connect keyboard to mobile and tablet

The Easy OTG Checker app shows your device information for this job.
If your smartphone is eligible for a USB, connect to your phone and the keyboard. You are done and start typing on the phone. As you know that the typing with a smartphone is not the same as we type on a keyboard. In this typing way, you can feel the same as desktop and Laptop. The only limitation is the screen is small.

connect keyboard to mobile and tablet

Bluetooth keyboard device Connection

It is a more straightforward procedure to set up a full keyboard on an android device. You just need a Bluetooth keyboard. Follow the instruction-
First of all, switch on the keyboard if the function has in it. And, now turn on the Bluetooth button of the keyboard as well as the android device.
Pair both devices. If it asks password, usually it is “0000”. If not matched, see the guidebook of the product.
You are done and ready to type on a mobile device via an entire layout physical keyboard.


We hope that this article helped to remove a limitation. If you haven’t a Computer or laptop, you can earn typing skills from home with this method.

Please note, while you are using our website for learning online typing tests, always use those tasks prepared for the mobile users. Because it will give the best experience. Otherwise, use regular typing tasks.
Following tasks are made for Mobile users only.

Benefits of Full keyboard Connection on Smartphone

  • You can remove the limitation of typing websites on smartphone devices.
  • Long text can be typed easily and comfortably.
  • You can play a game also which will perform better than the mobile screen tapping.
  • Time can be saved in compression on the mobile or tablet.

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