Day 6, Advance Top Bar Key Type Task

We hope that our 30 days free typing lesson is helping you to be faster on the keyboard. Today, we are going to hard practice on the top bar keys typing. Previously, we learned the finger placement and positions of these keys. And also completed the basic level of the task.  Today, we are going to practice advanced top bar keys typing.

Top Bar Advance Typing

Let’s start advancing the top bar type in the below box.

Advance Top Bar Key Typing




% Accuracy

Click on the Below to type home row.

Day-wise Lesson Lesson Link
Day 1 Lesson Proper 10 fingers placement.
Day 2 Lesson Home Row Typing
Day 3 Lesson Bottom bar key type.
Day 4 Lesson Advance Bottom bar
Day 5 Lesson Top Bar Lesson
Day 6 Lesson You are here.

On the advance top bar typing task, keys are mixed with upper lower case and not placed sequence. So, it is a hard task in comparison to the opening top row task.

advance top bar key typing-lesson

The objective of the Advance Top Row Task

the main objective of advanced top row typing is to bring finger muscles brain of all keys. If you practice on this task and successfully complete it you must be faster in type work. And it is the final lesson for all letters. other sing, numbers, and keyboard shortcuts will begin after this.

How to complete Upper Row Typing Lesson?

It is tasks like home row and bottom row key. So, just complete as you did before. Maintain above 10 to 12 words per minute. Please note that in this program, one word is equal to five characters. In this task no words are included, only focused on the letters of upper row keys. After completing this task go for lesson 7. Which is made by mixing two different rows. It is the step of expanding fingers on the keyboard.

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